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Medicine in England and Scotland – Universities

The Anglia Foundation has sent many students to study medicine in England and Scotland. The following courses are ostensive.

-At the University of Edinburgh

Medicine is one of the most challenging but rewarding careers you can choose.

Medical science has expanded over the past few decades and there are now more than 50 areas of medicine ranging across, for example, clinical practice, research, psychiatry, surgery and general practice.

Medicine at the University of Edinburgh is based on a long tradition of teaching and offers a modern and innovative curriculum to prepare doctors to meet the challenges of practising medicine in the 21st century.

In addition to other areas, the Medicine degree programme focuses on four major areas: clinical skills, personal and professional development; public health; pharmacology and therapeutics; and the psychological aspects of medicine.

-At the University of Dundee

In Dundee you have the opportunity to study medicine in a fully integrated medical school and hospital with extensive teaching and research facilities, which serve both teaching and clinical needs. Ninewells Hospital and Medical School is the centre of many areas of pioneering research in cancer, keyhole surgery, heart disease, drug development, and medical education.

You will be part of a caring community providing healthcare for Tayside, Fife, and further afield, and have access to a wide range of facilities including lecture theatres, teaching laboratories, library, integrated self-teaching area, computer suite and a leading Clinical Skills Centre. A new education facility is being built on the Ninewells Hospital site which will further enhance the quality of the teaching.

-At Newcastle University

The University of Newcastle is partnering with the University of Durham and the Northern District of the National Health System. Therefore you will have access to excellent training opportunities offered by a large patient population.

Studying medicine in Newcastle leads to a highly respected degree in the United Kingdom. The University was ranked 7th in the United Kingdom in the National Student Survey in 2014.

Studies use a holistic teaching approach. At Newcastle you will receive clinically focused instruction from well-trained staff and develop basic medical knowledge. You will also develop clinical skills through:

  • a rich list of original clinical experience
  • contact with patients and visits to doctors and hospitals
  • skills development in dedicated Clinical Skills Laboratories

We also emphasize that our school has still supported several candidates for Veterinary and Dental studies.

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