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The cost of living as a student in Britain is estimated at about 500-700£ (750-1100 €) per month depending on level of comfort; this amount is a rough estimate for rent, food, transportation and miscellaneous expenses.

One should keep in mind that this monthly allowance may vary depending on an individual’s lifestyle and the location of the University; A student living in London or Brighton will probably spend more money than if that same student lived in Durham or Swansea.

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Since 2005, undergraduate European Union students are charged tuition fees of up to 3,000£ per annum but the fees are paid by the British Government. Students are expected to pay the tuition fees back in monthly installments after they graduate and only if they reach a minimum income of 18,000€ per annum.

Anglia Foundation can help you to apply and obtain a special student grant or pay lower student fees.

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