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02 November 2019

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Student grant

Student grant

What exactly is a student grant? A student grant is another way of getting financial help for studies in UK. It may have a variety of names: Fellowship, studentship, sponsorship, student allowence, etc. Such grants are available from various organizations or companies in order to help students achieve a complete education. A student grant can be given according to the policy of each British University. Each student grant may be an amount up to 1.600 pounds stirling per year of study. There are student grants for undergraduate studies (Bachelor courses) and postgraduate studies (Master, Ph.D.). No student can ensure a student grant in advance. Nevertheless, because we have great experience in the field, we can apply for a student grant on your behalf with a relatively good chance of success. Normally, three out of ten Anglia Foundation clients, get a student grant depending on their qualifications and the competition.

Not many individuals or companies in Europe know the correct process of applying for a student loan. Many fewer are aware of all types of available student grants and the right way to process an application for a student grant. Handling a student grant requires perfect knowledge of English, contacts to various universities and of course plenty of effort and experience. With us you can be absolutely sure. We always thogoughly investigate all the possibilities for you to claim any student allowance, sponsorship or aid.