Study Civil Engineering in the UK


Study Civil Engineering in the UK

We have also sent many students to do the following engineering courses:

-At Loughborough University

The Department offers four Civil Engineering programmes: an MEng consisting of 4-years full-time study, a BEng of 3 years full-time study, and two equivalent sandwich programmes, each of which includes a period spent in industry after two years academic work and leads to the appropriate degree award plus a Diploma in Industrial Studies (DIS). Teaching on all programmes is by a combination of lectures, tutorials, seminars and laboratory work, with field trips and site visits as appropriate. The programmes also offer sponsorship, an outdoor management course and give you the opportunity to study at an overseas university either in Europe, the USA, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong or Australia for up to six months in your final year.

Many companies target Loughborough when recruiting because they know that our graduates are of high quality and are well trained. Major companies are directly involved in sponsoring our degree programmes, supporting project work and providing industrial training.

-At the University of Nottingham

The flagship course provides a solid grounding in core subjects, including structures, geotechnics, materials, fluids, surveying and construction management, with opportunities for MEng students to specialise in key areas such as transportation in later years. There are projects for all students in all years. They cover design, surveying and research in a range of topics. The modules we offer are inspired by the research interests of the university staff. They’re also shaped by new developments in industry and as a consequence, may change from year to year. Students will be equipped to embark on a career in civil engineering, or other disciplines that require numerate problem-solving graduates.

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