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12 September 2020

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Study Dentistry in Skopje

Study Dentistry in Skopje

The European University is a main choice of students from different countries. It is located in the capital of North Macedonia – Skopje. The dental faculty is modern and renovated with a lot of laboratories and latest dental equipment. The university offers good education, the teaching staff is nice and responsible. The degree is recognized and accredited. The city is big enough with a lot of activities you can do.

– Specialties studied at the University:

Dentistry in English (DMD), 5 years (300 credits), 6000 EUR (tuition fees per year) – discount for early applications for tuition fees available

– Living expenses: 200-400 Euro per month (incl. private accommodation, food, water, electricity, gas, books, etc.)

– Entry in October (first year enrollments and transfers)

– Course starting date: Beginning of October

– Admission requirements – the main requirement for admission is all candidates to present Class 9, Class 10, class 11 and class 12 certificates and the final school diploma as well.

– No entrance test, just basic interview


Check some videos from their profile: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF89XFMvOYADoD24Yr99F4A/videos