Study Law in the UK


Study Law in the UK

Anglia Foundation has sent students to Britain to do the following law courses:

-At Queen Mary University of London

The standard LLB is a three-year programme. It includes compulsory modules in the first and second year covering property, trusts, contract, criminal law, tort, constitutional and administrative law and EU law. These satisfy professional requirements for the foundations of legal knowledge and skills. From these strong foundations, you are in a good position to choose options for your second and third years. A notable feature of the Queen Mary law degree programmes is the wide range of options available, almost all of them taught by leading researchers in those subjects.

-At UCL, London’s Global University

LLB programmes are innovatively designed to convey a broad, multidisciplinary and deep understanding of law. This three-year programme aims to combine theory and research with practical training and leads to the award of a Bachelor of Laws honours degree. No previous knowledge of law is assumed or required.

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