UCAT certificate


UCAT certificate

UCAT Courses help you acquire the UCAT certificate, if you’re interested in studying medicine or dentistry in England. The UCAT (UK Clinical Aptitude Test) helps universities make their selection among the numerous, skilled applicants for medicine and dentistry courses.It helps ensure that the chosen applicants are equipped with all necessary, critical skills and professional behavior expected of new doctors and dentists, in order for them to follow a successful career.

The UCAT does not include any specific material or determined scientific content.It focuses on the evaluation of the candidates’ mental skills and other abilities.

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The test is taken on a computer, at a special examination center in Athens. Examination bookings take place from early July to early October each year.Each candidate is asked different questions from a vast collection on a computer and, thus, the examination may also take place at different times.Although topics are different, the grading deriving is theoretically the same as the grading that would occur if the topics were identical.This method ensures that hundreds of candidates are examined using only 2-3 computers (located at a special center in Athens) connected to the main system abroad.The test is taken only once (with no option for re-examination) in the summer or autumn before the UCAS applications for admission to British universities.

The UCAT test performance is very important, since it is taken into consideration along with the candidate’s other skills.Given that demand for Britain’s medicine schools is much larger than the supply, unfortunately several candidates do not succeed.A common reason of admission failure is a low or average score at the UCAT.

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