Fees – Scholarships


Fees – Scholarships

Since September 2006, all students enrolled in British Universities (at any level) are to pay tuition fees. Fees vary according to university, but for undergraduate studies it should be no more than 3,070 pounds (as of 2007). Visit the official websites of the universities that interest you or take a look at their leaflets to see what the fees are for each school and/or university.

The British Department for Education provides interest-free tuition fee loans, in order to help students cover the cost of their studies. Loans are granted to students who have been accepted in British universities upon sending the respective application. The loan covers nothing but the tuition fees.

Given that many of the youngsters studying in British universities come from EU countries, citizens from all member states may apply for the loan. Such loans are granted irrespective of the student’s (or their family’s) financial status.

Where can I find more information about the tuition fee loan?

You will find further information about the loans provided to Greek students here:

EU Customer Services Team
Mowden Hall
Staindrop Road

phone: +44 141 243 3570

email: EU_Team@slc.co.uk

You may also acquire all necessary information from the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), once you have responded to the offers made by the universities. Also, take a look at the list of institutions that provide scholarships to Greek students studying abroad.

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How do I apply?

Visit the official website of the British Department for Education to download the application and find the specific guidelines about the necessary supportive documents you need to send. You may submit the application via the Internet or by post. Your application will by reviewed by a special committee and you will receive a written reply within a few weeks. In case the loan is granted, you are to notify the financial service of your university so that the tuition fees are not charged.

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How do I repay the loan?

Since it is a loan, you are to return the whole sum after you have completed your studies. It should be noted that it is an interest-free loan and you may start repaying it when you begin to support yourself financially by your own individual income.

If you decide not to complete your studies, you are to repay the loan either when you start working or earlier if you wish.

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