Medical Studies In UK


Medical Studies In UK

Medicine in England as well as in Scotland is a great choice for students. The British education system offers much more than the Greek one in terms of organization and infrastructure. Admission to the medical school in England is through the GCE A Levels.

The grades in A Levels courses must be high. UK medical schools also require an UKCAT diploma which is a behavioral test and is not particularly relevant to academic performance. In addition, each candidate is required to undergo an interview to secure a place at the University.

Upon completion of studies, graduates can secure a very good job. The UK needs medical staff in medical, clinical and hospital settings.

Medicine in England and Scotland provides solid foundations for building the professional future of every young student. There are more than 30 notable medical schools in England and Scotland. The duration of medical studies is 5 years. Upon completion of the 5-year course, graduates obtain a Bachelor of Medicine (MBChB) or Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree. However, it is possible to pursue an additional year to obtain an additional degree (eg BSc, BA) in a research field. In some Universities the extra year is compulsory. Upon completion of the undergraduate degree, graduates are required to train for an additional 2 years at hospitals or clinics.

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