IELTS Courses


IELTS Courses

IELTS courses help you acquire the IELTS diploma in an easy, not expensive way.The International English Language Testing System diploma is the most popular English language degree.In 2007, almost 1 million candidates all over the world picked IELTS in order to certify their English knowledge.For studies or pursuing a career in Greece or abroad, the IELTS certifies the language proficiency level with immediate announcement of its results (13 days) for each candidate.

IELTS is an admission requirement in undergraduate and postgraduate courses in several universities abroad and it is requested by foreigners in certain countries, to certify their English knowledge level (Excellent – Very Good – Good).For anyone wishing to study, work or live in Greece, Great Britain, Australia or elsewhere abroad, this diploma provides a language proficiency certificate for the English language.

Online IELTS Courses

Our full degree preparation course for adults is a 45-hour course, completed within one month at a cost of €290. IELTS courses may be remotely attended (online) with 20% tuition discount. The remote registration process starts with the candidate picking a class.An advance payment of €90 is required to book participation in a course, along with the submission of an application. Further to that, the student is enrolled in class and receives the necessary educational material (books and CD) by courier service. IELTS courses educational material is provided free of charge.

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Tuition is paid upon the receipt of the educational material, with the deduction of the advance payment (In detail:290×80%=230-90=€140).Further to each class, students receive information via e-mail, along with the respective material, exercises, notes etc. Students also have access to weekly tests in real time.Candidates are in constant communication with the teacher in charge, for any corrections and comments or questions.At the end of the course, each student participates in simulation tests.

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The IELTS degree is acknowledged by ASEP as English proficiency certificate.The cost for participation in examinations is €190.The grading scale used is the following:

IELTS (score)



4,5 – 5,5



6 – 7

Very good


7,5 over



Examinations include the following sections:Reading comprehension, Writing skills, Listening comprehension and Speaking.Examinations take place in Athens and other cities of Greece, in regular intervals (every 10-15 days) throughout the year.

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